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MARC Head Start direct service providers met in person on April 11 to conduct the annual self-assessment culminating event. This was the first time they have met as a large group since the pandemic began.

“The Head Start Program Performance Standards require that we analyze the data we have collected throughout the program year to determine the progress of meeting our five-year program goals and the objectives for the year during our annual self-assessment,” said Pam Kabrick, MARC Head Start organizational development manager. “During this meeting, we revisited our program goals, shared the progress, and collaborated with those present to identify what went well over the past year and what we want to accomplish during the next program year.”

Pre-pandemic, this group met three times a year to give updates on the five-year program goals, discuss new initiatives and network. During the pandemic, some of the meetings were held virtually and some were in-person in small groups. Attendees at the recent meeting included parents of enrolled children, program directors, family advocates, education coordinator/coaches, health coordinators, mental health support staff, disabilities support staff, quality assurance staff and other administrators.

MARC Head Start is the Head Start and Early Head Start grantee for Clay, Jackson and Platte counties in Missouri that serves 2,400 infants, toddlers and preschoolers. MARC Head Start is funded by federal, state and private grants as well as local contributions. Through the network of service providers, MARC Head Start facilitates collaboration and continuity among early childhood programs.