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MARC Head Start Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures are organized by subject area. Expand each section to view the policies, procedures and forms for that subject area.


Eligibility Verification

Selection Process

Requirements for Applicants Over Income

Selection Criteria

Preference Procedure

Grantee to Grantee Agreement

Change of Status Procedure

Change of Enrollment; Transfer of Participant

Transfer Slots within Program Options

Transfer Slots Between Program Options

Required Recruitment Plan

Recruitment of Children – Waitlist

Enrollment – Third Year Verification

Enrollment Planning

Weekly & Monthly Reporting Requirements

Eligibility Determination Record

Referral for Direct and Telephonic Interpretive Services Procedures
Home-Based Option
Family Engagement

Family Needs Assessment

Family Partnership Agreement

Family Service Staff Professional Development

Family and Community Engagement Monitoring Report

Individual Transition Plans

Parenting Curriculum 

Car Seat Referrals


Request for interpretive services

Tier 1 and 2 invoice procedure

Tiers 1 and 2 Travel Procedure

Tiers 1 and 2 Purchase Requisition Process


Policy Council Member / Head Start Parent Reimbursement

Parent Reimbursement for Special Meetings

Communication Plan

Parent/Community Complaint

Governing Body Dispute Resolution and Impasse

Conflict of Interest

Policy Committee Meetings Procedures

Composition, Election and Transition of Parent Committee

Structure, Roles and Responsibilities of the Governing Board and Advisory Committee


Determining Health Needs of New and Returning Children

Communication of Identified Future Health Needs
Health Information Exchange Consent Form Utilization

Hearing and Vision Screenings

Services for Uninsured Children

Health Services Advisory Committee

Universal Forms for Health and Nutrition

Required procedure for completion of 45-day screening requirements

Child Health Status Determination

Source of Health Care

Services to Pregnant Women, Post-Partum Visit

Human Resources

Staff Training and Development

Potential / New Employee Requirements for Hire
Record Keeping and Reporting: Human Resources
Continuing Education
No Smoking Policy
Human Trafficking 

Criminal Background Check Requirements for Employees, Consultants, and Contractors


Qualification Requirements for Center-based Teaching Staff

Requirements for Center-Based Teaching Staff Below Minimum Qualifications

Head Teacher Waiver Request

Staff Qualifications

Home Based Visitor Qualifications

Qualification Requirements for Family Service Workers

Requirements for Family Service Workers Below Minimum Qualifications

Standards of Conduct


Mental Health and Disabilities

Procedures for Responding to Chronically Aggressive Behaviors

Mandatory Prior Approval for Withdrawal of Services for Persistently Aggressive Behavior

Child Abuse Prevention

Pregnant Women-Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screening

Consent for Mental Health Consultation Services

Wellness Plan

Memoranda of Understanding with LEAs

Devereaux Early Childhood Assessment

Program Improvement and Planning Process

Record Keeping and Reporting

Mandatory Utilization of ChildPlus® Database

Program Information Report

Personally Identifiable Information

Updating Teaching Staff Rosters in ChildPlus

Required Record Retention

Data Collection and Entry for Health Information and Head Start Requirements